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From the Desk of: Kaycee Marlett
Attention: Party Planners

Hi, my name is Kaycee Marlett and I am a Party Planner! I also have been working on the internet for the past 8 years building websites for charities, as well as personal and business websites.

You may be asking yourself, why did I get into party planning ?

The reason for me was simple; I was at a home show here in Orlando, Fl and I met some very personable people there that were displaying food and spice products from Australia. Honestly, one taste and I was hooked! I soon found out that the best way for me to purchase this fabulous product was to sign up!

What I found out over the course of the next couple of weeks, is that this was more than just a way to “SPICE UP” my entrees, it was in fact a business … a Party Plan Business! LOL! I had no idea what a Party Plan was up until that moment.

What I did soon realize is that there is a multitude of Party Plans available across the globe … many more than I had ever realized. Yet, I also realized that many of these Party Plans are lacking a real connection to their customers, the very connection that effects your bottom line.

Do you realize that at sometime during the course of the day ALL of your potential customers are on the web, the internet… the information highway of our age?

Most Party Planners, and I do mean most of them, are NOT reaching their full potential of gathering leads and customers from across the internet.

That’s when the light bulb went off!  

I would almost have to say I even saw the light pop!

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What if … I took my everyday business of creating websites and developing social connections and created an easy to use website for Party Planners. From this platform they would be able to keep the “PERSONAL” in touch connection with current customers, as well as an easy way to capture new leads!

So, I set out to create an easy to use, no experience required, lead generating website that anyone would be able to use!

It had to have a… 

  • Contact Form…
  • Place for a Video (the company video, or one that the Party Planner had created)…
  • Testimonial Section…
  • Social Media Connections….
  • What’s Happening Event Area….
  • Promotional Area….
  • and Bright Colors!

This website had to have all of the above components; but in addition it had to be…

  • EASY to use!
  • Have a fresh, clean, modern look and feel!

 All of these elements had to be brought together, and so user friendly that anyone would be able to use it!

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 Get Your Great Lead Capturing Website Today!

  • 1 year of hosting
  • 1 year domain lease
  • Set up included
  • Party Plan Lead Generator Website
  • Help Desk
  • Tutorial Videos and PDF
  • Privacy Policy in Place with many other “legal pages” to protect your online asset
  • Read Terms and Conditions



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In today’s economy there is almost no where else you will find a way to make the extra income that you need than in the Party Plan! I have done some research for myself and have discovered, that through several generations, the Party Plan has made it possible for anyone to make a great income showing and selling products that everyone enjoys! Imagine an income that has no lid! You can grow it as big or keep it as small as you desire.

Let’s face it, while we all benefit from the Party Plans’ corporate website, either as a strong go getter or as a hobbyist, haven’t you ever wondered if you have lost one of your customers, to another company rep?

I know many Party Planners who have two or three different Party Plans they enjoy working and benefit from financially. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own Party Plan Lead Generator Website that will capture your local, national and international leads automatically?

The Party Plan Lead Generator Website will help you keep you connected with your current customers, as well as connect with new customers.

Your new Website will have you connected to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Email
  • Instant Push to Call option!
  • A “What’s Happening” corner for you to advertise you next local party or event, and it’s ready for you to just add the details!

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Grow Forward Into the Future

Today you have an even greater opportunity to capture leads and long term customers! The internet is today’s source for information and customers. However, people still love to get together with someone they know as well. How do you tap into the internet with a real personal touch?

If you are like me, there are many times I have wanted a particular item from a particular party plan, whether it was jewelry, food containers, or spices. I just had to have it right away! It has always been easier to have contact with my local rep to get the much needed item immediately. Honestly, they usually have had it or something else that would be a great substitute! Saved my neck more than a couple of times for sure!

Most Party Planners do have some stock on hand. A recent Party Plan Lead Generator Website owner has posted her “Black Saturday Sales Event” on her page.  Hmmmmm… that sure works for me as I really try to avoid the busy stores this time of year, and I really do like her Party Plan product, so I know where I will be on that Saturday!

A Party Plan Lead Generator Website is your inroad to future growth and sales!

What if I don’t know anything about making a website?


We do most of the work for you!
You are set up with…

  • Leased domain name (annual lease)
  • GREAT looking lead capture Website (annual service)
  • Mobile ready Website!
  • Helpful support staff available through our Support Desk!
  • Easy to follow Video and Written Tutorials




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How hard is it to customize my website?
We have created an easy step-by-step customizing platform for you with video tutorials and an easy to follow written guide for those who find reading easier.
Once you have watched a video or read a section on your custom website, you will be able to see it done as quickly as you can type in your information, and click “save changes”.


What happens if I get stuck, is there anyone who will help?

We have provided a Support Desk if you are having any problems in customizing your Party Plan Lead Generator Website. We also have provided a back office area on this Website for all paid members that has clear and easy to follow instructions for you.

Why should I have my own Party Plan Lead Generator Website?

You want and need to tap into your customers where they spend their time; online on the internet via their:

    • Mobile
    • IPad
    • Tablet
    • Laptop
    • Desktop
Approximately 78% of online visitors throughout the day shop or look for information via their portable handhelds!  WOW!  In the evening that number drops slightly to 65%.
Capture that traffic with your Party Plan Lead Generator Website

Your Party Plan Lead Generator Website offers a quick and mobile version of your website to capture leads or have immediate contact with your customers via your mobile Website! Your Party Plan Lead Generator Website will be where your customers are no matter what online device they use!

Get Your Great Lead Capturing Website Today!

  • 1 year of hosting
  • 1 year domain lease
  • Set up included
  • Party Plan Lead Generator Website
  • Help Desk
  • Tutorial Videos and PDF
  • Privacy Policy in Place with many other “legal pages” to protect your online asset
  • Read Terms and Conditions

Don’t Wait Take Action Today!

Thank You!  For taking the time to review this outstanding offer!

Wishing You The Best in Online Business,

Kaycee Marlett

Kaycee Marlett
Party Plan Lead Generation
SWEN Enterprises LLC
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